Project Spotlight: River Room

From their vantage point in Douglas NB, Doug and Georgina Spidell have an absolutely spectacular view of the Saint John River. However, they felt they could really only enjoy the view from their deck during the too-short summer season.

Now that their kids are out of the house and there’s a little more time to sit and relax, the Spidells wanted to be able to enjoy their view throughout the entire year.

The solution we implemented was three-fold.

Firstly, we put a sliding door into their dining room so they could enjoy both the view from this room, as well as the additional natural light.

Secondly, we extended their deck so that it wrapped the house and joined up with the newly-installed sliding door. This gave them a larger deck space for entertaining in the summer.

Finally, we added Doug’s “dream home” element – a second storey three-season room from which the couple can enjoy the view all year round. The couple loves their new ‘River Room.’

“After years of discussing ideas on our new ‘River Room,’ we saw it all happen exactly like we had hoped.”  – Doug Spidell –

Spidell Sliding Door Spidell Deck 1 (2) Spidell Deck 2 (2) Spidell Deck 3 (2) Spidell Deck 4 (2) Spidell Deck 5 (2) Spidell Deck 6 (2) Spid. Sunroom 1 Spid. Sunroom 2 Spid. Sunroom 3  Spid. Sunroom 5 Spid. Sunroom 6 Spid. Sunroom 7