The Best Renovations to do in the Summer


While most of us would rather enjoy our summers rather than living in the midst of renovations, some renovations will actually save you money when you do them in the summer. And since there’s not much summer left to be had, here’s the short list for you:


Additions and Large-Scale Renovations

These types of larger renovations can take weeks or months to complete. During that time, your home will be opened up and exposed to the elements to some extent. Although your contractor will ensure your home is not damaged by wind and rain, you will be affected by the temperature outside.

Save money:  So rather than cranking your heat in the winter to try to keep warm, summer is a much more comfortable time to do a large-scale renovation.

Save time: In addition, doing a large scale renovation in the summer means more daylight and longer work days which translates into you getting your life back to normal even sooner.


Kitchen Renovations

Let’s be honest. No time is a good time to give up the use of your sink, stove, dishwasher and kitchen space while it undergoes its transformation. The end product may be your dream kitchen, but the process can feel more like a nightmare.

Save money: Instead of eating out every evening during your renovation (fun…but expensive!) fire up the BBQ and grill your dinner at home. Eat off of paper plates and sit out on the deck and enjoy the beautiful weather. If possible, you can move your fridge into your garage and set up a makeshift counter space for food prep.


Updating your Outdoor Space

    • Driveway Paving: If your driveway is a little worse for wear, now’s the time to do it. Working with asphalt to create a smooth surface takes time. Hot weather allows more time for this process because the higher temperatures keep it from hardening up before the smooth finish is achieved.
    • Landscaping, pool installation and building a deck: Well…these can pretty much only be done in the summer. Plus doing them in the summer means you get to enjoy them while it’s still warm out.