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When Glenn and Liz MacMullin decided it was time to buy a home in New Maryland, they explored all their options. With a baby on the way, they wanted to settle in a safe, family-friendly neighborhood. They were drawn to the Springwater subdivision. They decided on a house that they liked, but knew that it […]

5 Things to Think About When Doing a Basement Renovation

The hardest part of anything is usually just getting started.  A new job, going back to school or cleaning up after the guests have gone home is never quite as painful as you imagine it will be once you get into it.  Basement renovations are no different. As with most things, a basement renovation takes […]

The Best Renovations to do in the Summer

  While most of us would rather enjoy our summers rather than living in the midst of renovations, some renovations will actually save you money when you do them in the summer. And since there’s not much summer left to be had, here’s the short list for you: Additions and Large-Scale Renovations These types of […]