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When Glenn and Liz MacMullin decided it was time to buy a home in New Maryland, they explored all their options. With a baby on the way, they wanted to settle in a safe, family-friendly neighborhood. They were drawn to the Springwater subdivision. They decided on a house that they liked, but knew that it […]

Carpenter vs Roofer: 5 Reasons it Matters Who Installs Your New Roof

I read a roofing advertisement yesterday that said: “Go for the cheapest option on you roof, it’s not like all your earthly possessions and your family are inside”. It reminded me once again that it matters who installs a roof on your home.  The option of a roofing company or a licensed contractor/carpenter is more […]

5 Things to Think About When Doing a Basement Renovation

The hardest part of anything is usually just getting started.  A new job, going back to school or cleaning up after the guests have gone home is never quite as painful as you imagine it will be once you get into it.  Basement renovations are no different. As with most things, a basement renovation takes […]

The Best Renovations to do in the Summer

  While most of us would rather enjoy our summers rather than living in the midst of renovations, some renovations will actually save you money when you do them in the summer. And since there’s not much summer left to be had, here’s the short list for you: Additions and Large-Scale Renovations These types of […]

Tips for Planning a ‘Staycation’

Vacations are great, but sometimes, they don’t end up being quite as great as we imagine. For one thing, they can get expensive, especially if you’re going to be flying. Secondly, travelling long distances, changing routines or time zones and minor planning hiccups are all made more challenging when you have a young family. You […]

Asphalt Shingles vs. Metal Roofing: Which is Better?

As you drive around town, you might have noticed that more and more people are choosing to redo their roofs with metal, rather than asphalt shingles. Which one is better? Which one is more cost effective? Let’s take a look at a few of the main points to consider when making your decision.   Cost. […]

Project Spotlight: River Room

From their vantage point in Douglas NB, Doug and Georgina Spidell have an absolutely spectacular view of the Saint John River. However, they felt they could really only enjoy the view from their deck during the too-short summer season. Now that their kids are out of the house and there’s a little more time to […]